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Reflex Klyston Microwave Test Bench

Product Code: ELAB-ELEC-001 - (Reflex Klyston Microwave Test Bench)

Reflex Klyston Microwave Test Bench....


Gel caster for submarine electrophoresis

Product Code: ELAB-ELEC-002 - (Gel caster for submarine electrophoresis)

Gel caster for submarine electrophoresis....


Hotop Digital Hot Plate

Product Code: ELAB-ELEC-003 - (Hotop Digital Hot Plate)

Hotop Digital Hot Plate....


Hotop Hot Plate

Product Code: ELAB-ELEC-004 - (Hotop Hot Plate)

Hotop Hot Plate....


Magnetic Retriever

Product Code: ELAB-ELEC-005 - (Magnetic Retriever)

Magnetic Retriever....


CBR Test Appratus

Product Code: ELAB-ELEC-006 - (CBR Test Appratus)

CBR Test Appratus....


Universal pH(1-14)

Product Code: ELAB-ELEC-007 - (Universal pH(1-14))

Universal pH(1-14)....