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Carpentry Workshop Equipments

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Back Saws - Carpentry Lab

Product Code: CARP0001 - (Back Saws - Carpentry Lab)

Back Saws....


Belt Sander - Carpentry Lab

Product Code: CARP0002 - (Belt Sander - Carpentry Lab)

Belt Sander....


Biscuit jointer - Carpentry Lab

Product Code: CARP0003 - (Biscuit jointer - Carpentry Lab)

Biscuit jointer....


Bow Saws - Carpentry Lab

Product Code: CARP0004 - (Bow Saws - Carpentry Lab)

Bow Saws....


Bull Nose Rebate Plane - Carpentry Lab

Product Code: CARP0005 - (Bull Nose Rebate Plane - Carpentry Lab)

Bull Nose Rebate Plane....