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Centrifuges and Laboratory Stirrers

We are Centrifuges and-Laboratory Stirrers equipment manufacturers in China with factory and warehouse in China, China Centrifuges and-Laboratory Stirrers supply company, Manufacturers, Factories, Wholesalers and China Exporters Equipment Centrifuges and-Laboratory Stirrers supply China

Medico / Doctor Centrifuge /Mini Centrifuge

Product Code: CLS0001 - (Medico / Doctor Centrifuge /Mini Centrifuge)

Medico / Doctor Centrifuge /Mini Centrifuge....


R- 8C & R- 8C DX

Product Code: CLS0002 - (R- 8C & R- 8C DX)

R- 8C & R- 8C DX....


Direct Drive Stirrers

Product Code: CLS0003 - (Direct Drive Stirrers)

Direct Drive Stirrers....


Geared Stirrers

Product Code: CLS0004 - (Geared Stirrers)

Geared Stirrers....


AC Stirrers / Emulsifiers & Homogenizers

Product Code: CLS0005 - (AC Stirrers / Emulsifiers & Homogenizers)

AC Stirrers / Emulsifiers & Homogenizers....


Laboratory Centrifuges

Product Code: CLS0006 - (Laboratory Centrifuges)

Laboratory Centrifuges....


Magnetic Stirrers

Product Code: CLS0007 - (Magnetic Stirrers)

Magnetic Stirrers....


Magnetic Stirrers

Product Code: CLS0008 - (Magnetic Stirrers)

Magnetic Stirrers....


Blood Bank Tube Sealer

Product Code: CLS0009 - (Blood Bank Tube Sealer)

Blood Bank Tube Sealer....