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We are Blood Banking Instruments equipment manufacturers in China with factory and warehouse in China, China Blood Banking Instruments Lab supply company, Manufacturers, Factories, Wholesalers and China Exporters Equipment Blood Banking Instruments supply China

Blood Bank Freezers

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0001 - (Blood Bank Freezers)

Blood Bank Freezers....


Blood Bag Sealer

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0002 - (Blood Bag Sealer)

Blood Bag Sealer....


Blood Bank Monitor

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0003 - (Blood Bank Monitor)

Blood Bank Monitor....


Syringe Needle Destroyer

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0004 - (Syringe Needle Destroyer)

Syringe Needle Destroyer....


Blood Bank Scale

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0005 - (Blood Bank Scale)

Blood Bank Scale....


Plasma Extractor

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0006 - (Plasma Extractor)

Plasma Extractor....


Donor Couch

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0007 - (Donor Couch)

Donor Couch....


Blood Tube Roller Mixer

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0008 - (Blood Tube Roller Mixer)

Blood Tube Roller Mixer....


Low Temperature Cabinets

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0009 - (Low Temperature Cabinets)

Low Temperature Cabinets....


Cooling Compartment

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0010 - (Cooling Compartment)

Cooling Compartment....


Plasma Thawing Bath

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0011 - (Plasma Thawing Bath)

Plasma Thawing Bath....


Cryo Bath

Product Code: BLOOD BANKING0012 - (Cryo Bath)

Cryo Bath....